CDP News


Catellier Dance Projects! is currently in rehearsal for our next performance pre-suf-fixes   our first and maybe only "repertory" performance.  CDP was founded with the idea that the singular art event is far more compelling than something repeatable.  Most dance companies have a repertoire of dances that they can plop down on any stage and it will look and feel the same in Sacramento as it does in Minneapolis.  Our interest lies in creating works that keep the time and space in which the piece lives as integral to the work,  making each performance unique and exciting.

That said,  I was curious to see if sections from previous work could live on their own as individual pieces and if they could be combined into a single evening of work. 

So far our rehearsals have been filled with fond memories of performances and rehearsals past.  I'm finding little that I want to change within each piece.  

That's the "suf" part of pre-suf-fixes .  The "pre" is the new work we're creating for our next "really big show" in the fall of 2014.  Corpus Mysteriis is the next in the series of work based on the fundamental elements of dance.  This piece examines the human body and all of its wonder, its beauty, how it can frustrate us and make us laugh.  In December we'll present our initial findings.




December 7 & 8,  | 8pm and December 9 | 2pm

Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

1700 North Decatur Road Atlanta, GA 30322

Tickets $15; $12 and $8

Box office 404-727-5050