CDP is working toward our next performance pre-suf-fixes. We're looking back and forward simultaneously by resurrecting sections from Tempo, ...the final frontier and E and previewing work for our next full-fledged work Corpus Mysterious.

CDP is does not adhere to the repertory model that so many of the great dance companies have adopted.  We are interested in the singular experience of a performance.  Each of the previous works had a style and attitude toward performance that seems particular to it.  So why bother creating a showcase?

 I want know if the sections hold up on their own?  

Working on these sections from past works allows us (perhaps more specifically, me) to reexamine the original intent.  Each section we chose is the “dancey” nugget of the work and some how exemplifies what the original work was about.  This repertory format also gives us a chance to show a section of the new work without committing to it fully.

The movement is coming back to the dancers easily despite the typical questions; "is thumb pointing down here or to the side?" The difficulty is letting go of the part of the works that aren't the chosen section.  There have been many moments of missing   dancers who have moved on to other chapters of their life.  

ANYWAY... join in us December  

Dec 6 & 7 at 8pm and Dec 8 at 2pm.

Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts,  1700 N. Decatur Rd.

Tickets 15, 12, 10

Box office 404 727-5050